March 9, 2013

New Post (for real this time)

I want to start by thanking everyone who participated in my giveaway. I gained so many new fans and followers and I really appreciate your support. Let me welcome you and say I hope you continue to follow me on my journey.  And of course… CONGRATULATIONS to the giveaway winner…Michelina Di Campo. She chose R.K. Lilley’s book “Grounded”. I haven’t gotten a chance to read it yet myself, but I’ve heard fantastic things about the series, so Mikki, I hope you enjoyed it and thanks again for becoming a new fan of mine.
Next, I’ve been invited to participate in a group of authors that promote each other through Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, any and all social media.  So when you see my posts about their pages or books PLEASE check it out. They’re a fantastic group of women and writers and they deserve your attention.  Believe me, I’d never promote something I didn’t fully believe in, so you can rest assured that I’m making solid recommendations to you. 

Lastly, my new work space is still “under construction”.  I had a few days off work and I made significant progress, but it’s still not done yet.  For any of you with spare bedrooms that you use as a catch-all you can understand how difficult it is to clear it out.  Much harder than I thought it would be.  But, I’ve certainly made progress and actually I’ve come across things I wrote years ago that have been kind of fun to read.  So since you all have been so patiently waiting for me to share more ( I can’t share another part of the book until I get to 200 “likes” on Facebook), but I can share something silly from my early days of writing.
I know I was young and nothing ever came of it, but I used to write country songs and submit them to agents I found in the backs of music magazines. Whenever I got a response to a song/letter I sent, it was usually positive encouragement that made me feel good.  But some really and honestly critiqued my songs and didn't treat me like a kid.  I look back on these now and I feel proud that I was willing to put myself out there, so exposed and vulnerable at the age of 14.  I didn’t have money or the resources to promote a song, but I wrote and I tried to promote myself.  Funny, it’s almost 20 years later and I’m still kind of doing the same thing, but completely different. This time around I know what I’m doing…I think?

Probably not, but I had some great people that took pity on a young girl and humored her with some positive criticism.  My favorite quote from a response letter is, “You have talent, and if you learn and your interest stays high, you will do well.” Wow, that means the world to me! (And yes, he underlined those words.)  He also compared one of my songs to Tim McGraw's "Please Don't Take The Girl" and said with a lot of rewrites he would think of pitching it to him.  Well, needless to say, I never went anywhere with my songs.  Probably because I have no muscial ability, but I do like to write.  I'm much more comfortable and confident with telling a story through a novel.  But it was nice to find some of these old things and remind myself that I may be older and have more life experience now, but deep down I'm still the same person looking for the same thing, a way to share a story with the world.  Only now, the tools exist to make this a reality.  Back when I was submitting my songs we didn't have the internet, much less Facebook, Twitter, or Amazon and Kindles.  The biggest complaint that this agent had about my song submission was that I didn't include a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope for a response!  I bet a lot of young people today don't even know what a SASE is.  My point is, I know I haven't really changed, but the available technology has, and it might just be possible that my 32 year old self can make my 14 year old self's dreams come true.
So again, thank you for all the ways that you've showed your love and support, both internet-based and in real life.  Keep following and I hope you like Coast to Coast too. I’m nervous about this whole endeavor, but I feel better when I know I have people like you that are kind and understanding and helpful and supportive.  Thank you all!!!

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Linda said...

I also have stuff that you wrote at our house. Remember when you would come to the office with me in the summer and sit at dad's first computer with the amber screen and write? I still have that story on the old green and white striped paper. And of course the story board that you did when you were about 8 years old. Every time I want to clear things out I just can't bring myself to get rid of them because it brings back such happy memories. Keep writing, Love you. Mom