August 12, 2013

Another New Teaser from Coast to Coast

Thank you to everyone who participated in my recent giveaway by entering and sharing and congrats to the winners! I hope you enjoy your copies of Losing Hope by Colleen Hoover and A Different Blue by Amy Harmon. These really are some great books and I encourage all of you to check them out. You will not be disappointed. Here are the links again:

                                           Losing Hope by Colleen Hoover                                     

                                         A Different Blue by Amy Harmon
But now on to the fun stuff you guys have been so patiently waiting for...A NEW TEASER from Coast to Coast.  This one is a scene at the beach party between Emerson and Shane. It features a song from Connor Christian & Southern Gothic, an incredible band that I had the privilege of meeting last month and plan on using their songs and lyrics throughout the book. So at the request of a few people close to me, the first song in the book is "I Only Need You" Enjoy the new excerpt and be sure to check out CC&SG's music too. 
                    Connor Christian & Southern Gothic Website

New Teaser:
Wait! Logan! Shit! I sit up and push him off.

“Shane, really this is too much. I can’t do this. I’m not that kind of girl.”

“I know you’re not, that’s why I like you.” He rolled over on his side and propped up his head with his hand. “Emerson, I just wanna be around you. I find you intoxicating and I don’t care that you have a boyfriend, I’m going to say it anyways, because thoughts should be spoken out loud. And I don’t care if you laugh at me, but I feel like you and I are meant to be. I’m going to do everything within my power to drive Logan out of your mind so that I can fill that hole…and so much more. I want to own your heart.”

“Wow, that’s pretty intense for someone you just met a few hours ago.” I playfully slapped his arm. He grabbed my wrist and spun me onto my back. Once again his gorgeous face was looming over mine.

“Emerson, my soul has known your soul from the beginning of time and my heart is connected to yours for eternity. It’s only now that our bodies are finally meeting.”  There wasn’t any playfulness anymore. This was serious. Intense. I felt like I couldn’t breathe. But I did.  He had just knocked down every single brick out of the wall I had worked so hard to build. And it felt good.

“Shane…really, we have to stop.” I continued to stare directly into his eyes wishing that the words I’d just said would be ignored and he would really continue to hold me.  Instead, he rolled over onto his back, tucked his hands behind his head, and starring up at the starry sky he began to hum.  I relaxed myself into the sand as well and listened to Shane harmonizing with the music from the bonfire that was floating our way down the beach.

“You know this song? It’s beautiful. Who is it?”  I asked as we continued to lay there next to each other on the beach.

“Yeah, I kind of know the lead singer, long story but we’re friends.  It’s Connor Christian and Southern Gothic. They’re a really talented band and nice guys too.  They had a bit of a break on their tour schedule so we got them to play the beach tonight.  This song is actually called “I Only Need You” and it’s one of my favorites.  It’s about a guy that has his heart broken because the girl he loves only wants him when she finds it convenient for her.  He promises that when he finds his true love it will be just that. True Love. Unconditional. Unwavering. It’s a beautiful song because it changes from the conditional terms of “I only need you” to “I only need you” Very poetic and meaningful.  But sorry, I’m just rambling now.”

“No, I think it’s interesting and beautiful.” I sit up and face him, he’s still lying recumbent in the sand.  “You sound like maybe you know firsthand about that kind of heartbreak.”

“Yeah, maybe I do.  But then again…no…I was young and I don’t think you could really call it love.  But then again, you never know.  Come on, we’re getting too deep now.” He pushed himself up out of the sand and offered me his hand to help me up.  “Let me walk you back to your place.  Give me your phone and I’ll download the song by them that you really need to hear.”  I took his hand, grabbed my sandals, and handed him my iPhone after opening and logging into iTunes.

“Well, that is certainly an offer I can accept because I like being safe, but I LOVE good music.  You’ve got a deal.”

-From Coast to Coast by Lisa Royea

-Music & Lyrics by Connor Christian & Southern Gothic

August 8, 2013

How can I win a great book? Easy. Enter my Giveaway.

For all of you email subscribers...fear not...there is still time to enter my giveaway.  Whew!  OK!  Good!  Now that we got that out of the way, you can relax and enjoy reading the rest of this post. (But make sure you read down to the bottom to get all the info on ways to enter the giveaway.)

In case you haven't already heard from Facebook, I have a giveaway going on right now.  Maybe you didn't hear Facebook telling you about the giveaway because you don't have me in your news feed.  Hhhmm, you should probably have my Facebook page in your news stream so you don't miss out on any important updates like this in the future.

Anyways, back to the details of my giveaway.  It's super easy to enter and the prizes are super fantastic incredible wonderful books that I recently read and loved.  The contest is through the Rafflecopter entry form below and the prizes are e-reader copies of these super fantastic incredible wonderful books...

A Different Blue by Amy Harmon

I can't say enough about this book.  If you want more info on why I love it so much, read my last post which is a real and true review of the book itself.  I'm happy now to be able to gift an e-reader copy to one of you and share Amy Harmon's brilliant writing with you if you haven't already read it.

Losing Hope by Colleen Hoover

And of course my next pick...Losing Hope by Colleen Hoover...enough said.  I've already told you all how much I love her writing.  I loved Hopeless, but don't usually care much for the same story being told over again from a different point of view.  Losing Hope was different though.  It had drama, emotion, heartbreak, love, everything you look for in a good story. Colleen Hoover has never disappointed me in the past, and Losing Hope is a wonderful "POV Sequel".  I don't foresee future disappointments either, so I'd love for you to win and experience her writing as I have.
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July 7, 2013

Review of A Different Blue by Amy Harmon

I don't usually like to share straight up book reviews here on my blog.  I believe every author truly gives their all in writing a book and because taste's vary readers like some books more than others.  I would hate to post a bad review just because a particular book wasn't to my particular liking.  I do hope all readers, like myself, are leaving reviews, I just prefer to do them on Goodreads and Amazon where my review can remain more anonymous.

That being said, I recently read a book that I did write a review for because I absolutely loved it so much. I posted it on Goodreads, but Amazon claimed it was too long.  As we all know (at least I hope you do) the best thing a reader can give to an author is a review.  So I really want to share my 5 STAR***** review with all of you before I have to chop it down to meet Amazon criteria.  Also, I just figured it's been too long since I've posted anything.  So for now enjoy this review (spoiler free) and EVERYONE go check out Amy Harmon's book A Different Blue.

Click here to discover A Different Blue

This book was absolutely incredible, well written, intriguing story, realistic characters that deal with real issues. And the issues aren’t pretty ones. Now I like nice, light, romantic stories where there will probably be a few twists and turns and misunderstandings before the couple gets together at the end, but they tend to be predictable. What I LOVE, are books like this that make you think. Neither Blue nor Wilson is predictable. As the reader, you know what should happen, but you’re never sure if it really will. And of course beyond their situation is the WHOLE REST OF THE STORY. This is no simple romance novel. There are some very important life altering questions being asked throughout the book. And Blue’s internal thoughts and feelings are so wonderfully and perfectly described I can actually picture myself inside her head. And I can completely relate.

But I’m not relating to Blue, I’m actually Tiffa. I don’t have the money or the wonderful building, but I have the same desires she has. I don’t want to have any spoilers in my review, so I’m trying to keep this generic. I actually have my very own Tiffa situation and a Blue has come into my life offering to give me what’s hers. When I got to the end of a particular chapter, I turned to my coworker friend (who had already finished the book and knows my situation) and I said, “Holy S**t! This just got REALLY REAL!” She just laughed and said, “Finally, I’ve been waiting for you to get to that part. I knew you would totally relate.” Now I know the Tiffa/Blue situation is rare, but for me this book will forever be imprinted in my mind and my heart because it’s so close to my own situation right now.

Even if you can’t relate personally like I can, there are so many wonderful aspects of this book for you to enjoy. I have always been attracted to Native American Mythology and I love the way it’s incorporated into the book. It’s even more powerful and meaningful than simple descriptions of feelings could be. The stories define Blue as a person, both her past and future, and help her express her thoughts and emotions at times when it’s difficult to really grasp what she might be thinking or feeling. And of course I love the “personal history” that develops through the course of the book. It’s beautifully written and conveys so much meaning in so few words. But it makes more of an impact than if it was long paragraphs filled with descriptions. I also love the history lessons. I’ve been lucky enough to have a few teachers in my schooling years that had significant impact on my outlook on a subject beyond its intentional teaching lesson. Wilson would most certainly fit into that category and for that I adore him.

Amy Harmon, thank you for writing this book. It’s one of the most real and emotional books I’ve read in a while. I apologize that this has been a long review, but honestly, there are not enough words to express to you my love for this book. Thank you for creating this work of art that I could admire, interpret, and see myself in. It is simply amazing.

June 2, 2013

Please accept this Giveaway as an apology for my lack of blog posts lately...

So I realize I’ve been neglecting you, my blog followers, in the recent months.  I’ve had a lot going on in my life and I’ve only been able to commit to short blurbs on Facebook.  The plus side to not writing blog posts is that I’ve actually been writing more of the book itself.
And of course I know that’s what you guys are really waiting for.  So forgive me for not posting more frequently, I’m working harder to bring you the finished product.
I also realized it’s been a while since I’ve done a GIVEAWAY.  So how about I make it up to all of you loyal followers, and hopefully you’ll get me some new followers.  I can reward you with books, glorious books!  3 lucky winners will each win an e-reader copy of one of my recent favorite reads.  Each of these books is fantastic in its own way and I highly recommend getting your own copy even if you don’t win.  These ladies are wonderful writers and their books truly deserve some attention.  The links below will take you to their Amazon pages.

  Running on Empty by LB Simmons (Recovery-Coming Soon)

Haven from the Storm by Sarah Dosher   (Before the Storm-Coming Soon)

Worlds Apart by Kate Mathias (Hiding in Plain Sight-Available Now)

I love promoting my fellow authors and their wonderful books, but I also need to promote myself and Coast to Coast on this blog.  So for those who may have missed it, here’s my first little photo teaser that I created.

That’s all I have to share for now.  So go like, share, join, subscribe, comment, add to your TBR, whatever!  Whatever you want to do to promo my stuff, and if you enter it on Rafflecopter you might just win a really great book.  So get out there and start earning your entries. Click on the link below to get started.  You have until Friday to enter.  Then I’ll choose the 3 winners.  If you get me over 500 likes on Facebook  I might just up the prizes and add some extras for the winners.  So let's get out there and share!!! 

Good Luck and Have Fun!

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