July 7, 2013

Review of A Different Blue by Amy Harmon

I don't usually like to share straight up book reviews here on my blog.  I believe every author truly gives their all in writing a book and because taste's vary readers like some books more than others.  I would hate to post a bad review just because a particular book wasn't to my particular liking.  I do hope all readers, like myself, are leaving reviews, I just prefer to do them on Goodreads and Amazon where my review can remain more anonymous.

That being said, I recently read a book that I did write a review for because I absolutely loved it so much. I posted it on Goodreads, but Amazon claimed it was too long.  As we all know (at least I hope you do) the best thing a reader can give to an author is a review.  So I really want to share my 5 STAR***** review with all of you before I have to chop it down to meet Amazon criteria.  Also, I just figured it's been too long since I've posted anything.  So for now enjoy this review (spoiler free) and EVERYONE go check out Amy Harmon's book A Different Blue.

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This book was absolutely incredible, well written, intriguing story, realistic characters that deal with real issues. And the issues aren’t pretty ones. Now I like nice, light, romantic stories where there will probably be a few twists and turns and misunderstandings before the couple gets together at the end, but they tend to be predictable. What I LOVE, are books like this that make you think. Neither Blue nor Wilson is predictable. As the reader, you know what should happen, but you’re never sure if it really will. And of course beyond their situation is the WHOLE REST OF THE STORY. This is no simple romance novel. There are some very important life altering questions being asked throughout the book. And Blue’s internal thoughts and feelings are so wonderfully and perfectly described I can actually picture myself inside her head. And I can completely relate.

But I’m not relating to Blue, I’m actually Tiffa. I don’t have the money or the wonderful building, but I have the same desires she has. I don’t want to have any spoilers in my review, so I’m trying to keep this generic. I actually have my very own Tiffa situation and a Blue has come into my life offering to give me what’s hers. When I got to the end of a particular chapter, I turned to my coworker friend (who had already finished the book and knows my situation) and I said, “Holy S**t! This just got REALLY REAL!” She just laughed and said, “Finally, I’ve been waiting for you to get to that part. I knew you would totally relate.” Now I know the Tiffa/Blue situation is rare, but for me this book will forever be imprinted in my mind and my heart because it’s so close to my own situation right now.

Even if you can’t relate personally like I can, there are so many wonderful aspects of this book for you to enjoy. I have always been attracted to Native American Mythology and I love the way it’s incorporated into the book. It’s even more powerful and meaningful than simple descriptions of feelings could be. The stories define Blue as a person, both her past and future, and help her express her thoughts and emotions at times when it’s difficult to really grasp what she might be thinking or feeling. And of course I love the “personal history” that develops through the course of the book. It’s beautifully written and conveys so much meaning in so few words. But it makes more of an impact than if it was long paragraphs filled with descriptions. I also love the history lessons. I’ve been lucky enough to have a few teachers in my schooling years that had significant impact on my outlook on a subject beyond its intentional teaching lesson. Wilson would most certainly fit into that category and for that I adore him.

Amy Harmon, thank you for writing this book. It’s one of the most real and emotional books I’ve read in a while. I apologize that this has been a long review, but honestly, there are not enough words to express to you my love for this book. Thank you for creating this work of art that I could admire, interpret, and see myself in. It is simply amazing.

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Charissa said...

This was such an amazing book! I agree with everything in your review. I've read all Amy's books, but this on is definitely my favorite. I want to read it again after reading your review. It blows other books away.