April 22, 2013

April Updates (Including a New Teaser!!!)

I know I haven’t posted a new blog in a while, but I’ve actually been busy writing the book itself.  I do owe my readers an update though.  So for anyone that hasn’t heard my updates on Facebook, here’s a rundown of the latest and greatest for my writing.

My most exciting news is that I recently signed with Okay Creations to do my cover.  Sarah Hansen is the one woman business that has created some of my favorite covers of all time and is very well known in the indie publishing industry. I’m thrilled to be working with her on my cover. 


 She even got a shout out from 50 Shades author EL James today on Facebook. How exciting!!!
Because she is so popular and everyone wants to hire her, her services are booked until Sept/Oct. So for now my release date for Coast to Coast will be pushed from late Summer to early Fall. I'll keep you posted with details as we get closer.

Another collaboration I’m working on is with Connor Christian and Southern Gothic.  I recently discovered this band and fell in love with their music and lyrics. I’m hoping to feature them starting in Coast to Coast, but I think they’ll fit really well with the theme of the second book, Down South.  That’s right, I’ve already got the second book planned.  For now, give them a listen and let me know if you like them.  If you do like them, like their Facebook page and let them know I sent you their way.

                                                  Connor Christian & Southern Gothic

I’ve also been sharing and introduction about myself and my book with some bloggers in hopes that they’d share my work.  I can’t even believe the great responses I’ve gotten. Here are just a few that I’d like to share.

Wow This is great!! I actually loved everything I read! I am so excited for you and I want to help in anyway I can! I'll put something up on my FB and maybe I can do an interview with you to put on my blog! And if you need a beta reader I am all for that, my minor is English so I am pretty good with all that lol Emerson and Jessica sound like great characters and I can not wait to meet them :)                                                                                                  --Northern Belle Bookworm
I thought your synopsis was perfect! I especially loved the teaser, I can't wait to read more! I would love to do an Author Spotlight of you on my blog if you're interested. We can include the synopsis & teaser from Coast to Coast. Let me know what you think.                         --Maria’s Book Blog

This sounds really amazing! We would love to help you out anyway we can! Once you are finished we would be honored if you let us read and review it.                             --Book Boyfriend Reviews

I love all the teasers and can't wait to read Coast to Coast. It sounds really good!
                                                                                                            --First Class Books

Congratulations on your book! I know it's not completed YET... But it's still really exciting! We would love to introduce you to our followers and try to get some foot traffic onto your page and all different types of social media. I like the summary. Especially this part "Everyone in the family will be forced to wonder if love can survive, especially if the distance between hearts is coast to coast."
                                                                                              --Books, Babes, and Cheap Cabernet

Hi Lisa!!! Thank you for emailing us!! Let me just start by saying that this book sounds AMAZING!!!!! Of course we will share it on our Facebook page.            --For the Love of Books

Your book sounds fantastic and I would be happy to share the word!      --Book Addict Mumma

Book review bloggers really can make or break a new writer. So I am thrilled at having such positive feedback this early on. I encourage all of you to check out their blogs and pages and show them some "like" love if you do like what they offer.
Lastly, I promised I would share another new excerpt from Coast to Coast once I got 300 likes on Facebook. This teaser is a little intro to the cousin Jessica and her on again/off again boyfriend Lucas Brady.

“Alright, alright.  Let’s get you back to the house so you can unpack and we can start our fabulous summer at the beach, which by the way, we need to get some California sun on your skin immediately.  You look absolutely horrid.  I think I’d die trying to deal with those dark, drab Massachusetts winters.  First matter at hand is a good sun-soaking session on the beach.  Then, maybe I can see if I can get you an emergency appointment with Mya at the salon.  You need some major help before the party tonight.”
“Party? Jess, really? I’m exhausted. I’ve had a crazy busy week of finals and papers. I just wanna relax for a bit.  Besides, Logan and I kind of had a big blowout.  The last thing I feel like is a party.”
“Oh Lord.” She rolled her eyes at me. “You and Logan are at it again? What’s new? Forget it Emerson, a good beach party is just what you need to let it all go.  Let’s meet us some really hot guys and just have FUN.”
“How do you do it Jess? Don’t you think we’re a little old to be hanging out at beach parties trolling for guys? Besides, what about Brady?”  She shrugged her shoulders and cocked her head.
“You know how we are.”
Right.  Lucas Brady and my cousin had been on again off again for years.  He was a Marine currently at Camp Pendleton, just a ways south of the beach house in San Clemente.  Jessica was head over heels in love with him, but she liked to pretend otherwise.  I think he loved her too.  The two of them were so dang stubborn neither one would admit their true feelings, even though anyone within a five mile radius could clearly see they were in love.  Instead, they’d hook up for a while until one of them was feeling a little “in over their head” and they’d call it quits. I know she was six years older than me, but sometimes I wanted to tell her to grow up.
“Jessica, when are you guys gonna quit all this nonsense and just admit you’re in love.  Get married already, have a whole shit load of babies, and just live out your happily ever after?  You’re not getting any younger.  Aren’t you at least a little anxious?”
“Deanna?  Is that you? Christ Emerson, you couldn’t sound any more like my Mom if you tried.  Let it be.  I’ve got a good job and I pay all my own bills.  I’m a responsible adult that just likes to have a little fun when I’m allowed to.  As far as Luke and I, just don’t even go there, you know our issue.  You want me to start grilling you about Logan?” I hung my head down and shook it slowly. “Yeah, I didn’t think so.  So let’s just back off the subject of boys for the moment and have a little fun.  We have the whole summer to analyze each other’s love lives.”  She put her arm around my shoulder and headed me out of the hanger towards her car.

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Wow, you have been a busy girl. I's nice to see everything you have been working on and all the support you have on your facebbook page from other authors. Good going! Love, Mom