December 31, 2012

New Year 2013

Although November was supposed to be the month that we authors write like crazy and contribute to NaNoWriMo (as I said I would) sometimes things come up in life that we can’t avoid.  I began the month very hopeful that it would be a good month, but the month was gone all too soon.  November is now gone with her sister August who left a few years ago.  They want me to move on and be OK.  They also want me to write. So that’s what I’m doing to start out my new year.

I need to start by telling everyone to get out and get Colleen Hoover’s books (or stay in and download them to your e-reader.)  She’s the reason I finally thought I could write a book.  Maybe someday she’ll read this and say, “Hey, I knew Lisa before she was rich and famous…” For now, maybe I can just share a little back story.

About a year ago I met my new best friend and we created a “book club”.  We shared books back and forth on our Kindles and she loved a book called Slammed that she said I had to read.  I read it and its sequel Point of Retreat.  I knew that although she had “lent” me the books on Kindle, I was going to have to own them because I would be rereading them many more times. I bought both books that night and checked out Colleen Hoover’s website.  If I really like an author’s books, I like to check out whatever I can find about the author too. I want to know them as a person to try and figure out how they could write the book that they did and maybe help me figure out how I could write mine.

By exploring Colleen’s website I discovered the world of self-publishing and indie authors.  I’d always wanted to write, but never really knew about the possibility of doing it without a publishing company signing you to a contract.  I learned about self-publishing (and maybe a little about following your dream) from my research.

So thank you to everyone who has supported me so far, mostly the never-ending support from “my book club”, my mom, and my husband. Mom, you know you’re “invaluable”.   Terry, I couldn’t ask for a better husband. You cook me dinner and tell me to go write while you’re cooking. “Book Club”, nothing mushy, but I couldn’t do this without you. OJ. (Sometimes going through Hell is easier with a friend and I’m glad you’re mine)

Happy New Year to all. Thank you.


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Anonymous said...

So glad to see your back at it. Boy, I sure do get your hidden meaning in your writing and hope that it can be cathartic for you. Love, Mom